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247 Maintenance Program


Preventative Maintenance

Did you know? Regular preventative maintenance can:

• Help extend the life of your HVAC unit • Help reduce utility bills

• Help prevent unsafe operating conditions • And avoid costly breakdowns

Dr.  agrees to provide preventative maintenance service on all HVAC equipment. We agree to contact you in a time manner to remind you when the service is due. Performing regular preventative maintenance will help ensure efficient operation of equipment.

Maintenance Coverage:

1. Check cooling/heating system for proper operation

2. Change/clean 1 air filter per unit (Additional filters extra)

3. Inspect general condition

4. Tighten electrical connections at equipment

5. Check and inspect start and contacts

6. Test equipment control systems

7. Test compressor protection device

8. Check current draw of compressor

9. Check refrigerant operating pressure

10. Check exposed equipment and pipes for leaks

11. Check compressor function

12. Check outdoor coil

13. Check indoor coil

14. Clean drain line

15. Add drain line cleaner as needed

Addition services for Gas Furnace only:

16. Test gas valve operation

17. Test safety devices

18. Test limit switches

19. Test combustion draft motors

20. Check pilot and burner assembly for proper operation

21. Check connection of vent pipe at furnace